Romans 8-14-God’s word will speak to you directly.

God's word speaks to me and I am so encouraged!!!  I am so glad I read every day!  If I didn't I would miss out on God directly encouraging me!!!
Let me explain.

Monday I read, "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." (8:37). This was where Paul was talking about how nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.  No battle that we engage in will separate us from God.  We are on the winning team!  Those are very encouraging words!!  So off I go on my week.....I'm encouraged to battle for the Lord!

As you know, I work in the pro-life movement.  I got an opportunity to speak at a high school group this week, sharing what I do at the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC).  In that talk I gave abortion statistics, so the magnitude of the problem was made fresh in my mind.

Coincidently, I received an email this week from a statistic gatherer who said that Planned Parenthoods latest reports show that "it committed more abortions in a single year than ever before- 345, 672."  Can you comprehend what that number means?   Nearly 950 babies are killed each day in the USA....that is 40 per hour all year long!! That is 40 precious women each hour, who will suffer great consequences as they try to go on with their life.

So, here I am giving my little talk to, what at the time seemed like a big crowd (for me), yet in the grand scheme of things, was minuscule.  Then 3 days later, I received my first call from someone who wanted to reverse the abortion pill she had just taken.  Because of a new program the PRC just implemented, I was able to call in a prescription for her that can work to reverse the effects of the first pill she received from Planned Parenthood.  Yay!  A win! 😃 One woman,......out of 40 for that hour, was spared.....😕...One......Hum....Arg..., those above numbers are starting to sound overwhelming! One is a sad number, thinking of the other 39 women who were not spared.....😔 This giant that I am fighting is huge!  Case in point, I woke this morning to this headline, "Planned Parenthood pledges $45M on the 2020 election backing candidates who favor abortion." Oh my!!😨. Discouragement is starting to set's too big God.  The work that the PRC is doing is nothing compared to what PP does every hour. 😩

But then I read Friday, "Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good." (12:21) 😌  God is not asking me to change the whole world, just the part of the world that I am in!  It was as if he patted me on the shoulder and said (right when I needed to hear it), keep going!!! Keep doing good.  That one, that was saved, is precious to me!! 😊

Again, I am so glad to be doing my daily reading so that I can have these conversations with God! It is essential to get daily encouragement as we live in this world!!
How about you?  Is He talking to you?  I would love to hear!!


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