Romans 1-7- Life is like being on a teeter-totter!

We are in a new book!!  I love Romans because it is so black and white!!  It's the whole gospel summed up in a couple of chapters.  We are all sinners deserving death (ch. 1), God through his kindness wants to draw us to him (ch. 2), and we only need to fully believe this fact, that has been demonstrated through Christ (ch. 3), to have peace with Him (ch.5).

I have often heard people ask what one book would they use to explain Jesus to nonbelievers.  The book of John is many people's choice, maybe to get people acquainted with Jesus. However, I think my choice would be to start with  Romans.  For a Gentile (that's us), Romans helps us understand the need for a Savior.  Our culture has lost sight of the fact that we are sinful.  Our culture says, "There is nothing wrong with you! Your truth is your truth.  There is no absolute truth, therefore no one can tell you that you are wrong (or sinful)."

Well, Paul laid it out clearly in chapters 1-3, didn't he?!!  Then he goes on to explain righteousness through faith.  True faith is "fully persuaded that God has the power to do what he has promised." (4:21)

While I was reading chapter 5 this week, I had a vision of me on a teeter-totter.  Did you play on those as a child?  I don't see them in parks anymore, so young readers might not get this analogy, but try to picture it.  I would teeter-totter with my sister who was 4 years older or my brother who was 5 years older.  Try as I might, I could not get my side down if one of them were on the other end!  I would bounce, wiggle or lean forward in hopes to have my side go down, but I did not move.  They would laugh at me and the fact that I was stuck up in the air, while they had all the control.  It was a helpless feeling, and to be honest, quite scary if they chose to stand up!  I would go flying to the ground, hitting so hard the wind could get knocked out.  Fortunately, they never did that, but boy, did they threaten it! After a while, the other who was not on the teeter toter would come over to me to help even things out.
So why did I have this vision? Because after reading, "Where then, is boosting?  It is excluded...because of the law that requires faith" (3:27). Nothing I could do, like being stuck on the teeter-totter, can help me. And, "we have been saved from God's wrath through him" (5:9) Christ, came over to me on the tetter totter and sat on my side!  He made it so that I can have peace with God (5:1). I have no fear of crashing to the ground.
Thank you, Jesus!!!

What did you get out of the reading?  Any visions? 


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