Luke 15-21-Don't worry, I've got this!

I was going to comment on what God expects from his followers (Luke 17) or about the verses regarding forgiveness (Luke 19), but today's reading is fresh in my mind and I got a lot of encouragement from it! So, I thought I would encourage you with it too!

I've been asked to speak to a group of ladies this coming week.  The prospect of talking in front of a group of strangers puts me way out of my comfort zone!  Yes, I know that this is a far cry from being, "seized and persecuted" as Jesus warned his disciples would happen before "the kingdom of God is near." (Luke 21:31). But, regardless, I take such comfort in his words, "But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourself.  For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. (Lule 21:14-15)

I love that!!

It is my pattern to think ahead, play out all the potential outcomes of a situation and then worry about which way the situation will actually go.  Yet, with this verse and others, God seems to remind me often, "What good is the worry?" (Matt 6:27), "You can't add a single hour to your life." (Luke 12:25).  Stop acting like you are the one in control! I am!!!  I've got this!"

God promises me that the Holy Spirit will give me the right words to say when I am proclaiming Jesus (Matt. 10:20 & Luke 21).  I will be proclaiming Jesus to these ladies this week.  I don't need to worry.  It's not on me to say all the perfect things, it's on the Holy Spirit!!  That takes so much pressure off me!!

It's unbelievable how many times God needs to remind me of the fact.  I keep taking "control",....over and over, yet....over and over, he reminds me to give control back to him.  The reading today was perfect timing for me!!!  It was a reminder to give control back to him.  As I plan my speech, I pray that the Holy Spirit gives me the right words (which Jesus promised me He would), I am just to open my mouth!   I hope this reminder helps you too!!


Rapster J said…
Thanks so much for that reminder- let us know how your talk goes! It's always nerve-racking, but God will use you!
The talk went well, according to the gal who asked me to speak! All glory goes to God! I opened my mouth and the Holy Spirit made sure I said all the key things. Whew!
I am supposed to speak again to another group in January. I am going to have to revisit this post for a refresher on God's promise that he will do the talking! (I am a slow learner, always needing reminders of what I have already learned! haha)

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