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Mark 10- Mark 16- Faulty logic

I have always read the parable about the tenants killing the son of the owner as an allegory to the Jewish people killing Jesus, the son of God. (Mark 12). This time through, however, I was struck by the odd logic of those tenants Jesus was describing in his parable.  This was an angle to the parable that I never really thought much about before.  Why on earth would the tenants think that if they killed the son, they would get the inheritance?(12:7).
If I was listening to Jesus, first hand, I might have wanted to interrupt him to ask.  If you know me, you are probably nodding in agreement saying, "You might ask?  No, you would ask!"
Well, clearly, Jesus understands human behavior and our messed up logic we are capable of coming up with.  Could he also have been throwing that tid bit of info into the story to add another layer to the teaching moment?

As I pondered the odd logic of the tenants....I thought....aren't they just like all of us?  When we want to do something…

Mark 3-9- No more excuses!!

So, there is a verse that I think I have used in the past to justify or excuse myself from having to share the Good News with close family members.
Jesus himself said, “Only in his home town, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.” (6:4)  There you go! Why bother with them? Let someone else do the work there. I’ll go to complete strangers!!
🤔 actuality, Jesus isn’t saying we aren’t to share the Good News with family members, he’s just saying, it’s not going to be easy.
This became clear to me, reading this time through, when I noticed that just one chapter prior to Jesus saying you won’t get “honor”, he tells the man he delivered from demons, “Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” (5:19)

What a good lesson, for me, on how to share my “testimony”. Sharing a testimony shouldn’t be scary, after all, it’s my story that no one can debate.
People can debate science, philosophy, or…