Matthew 1-9 - 1st week of reading plan, done!!

Hello fellow readers!  I hope your first week of reading went well and you are in the process of  creating a habit of reading everyday.
So, we just kick it off and I noticed I made a mistake on the reading plan!!😝
I forgot to list chapter 4!!😫 So, instead of changing the whole plan, if you haven't done so already, just add one more chapter today so that we start this next week on chapter 10.

That being said.....what did you get out of the week of reading?  My day-planner is full of notes!!  There is so much to comment on when reading that many chapters!  I would love to hear something that stood out to you!!  If you share, please include the scripture verse you are referring to.

Speaking of chapter 4, the temptation of Jesus always seems to teach me a lesson.  In chapter 3, Jesus gets baptized, "to fulfill all righteousness" (3:15), then he goes out to the wilderness.  Isn't that so metaphorical to how it can be with us??!!  We can make a decision to follow Christ and be wholly devoted to him...and then...a wilderness rises up!

Notice the condition Jesus was in when he was being tempted.  He wasn't at the "top of his game"...he was starving!  Again, the metaphor is so applicable to us!  Satan doesn't bother attacking us when we are in the word daily, in fellowship, in God's will......nooo......he waits until he sees when we are not at the top of our game, then he takes those opportunities to tempt us into sin.  Like Jesus physically starving, we often set ourselves up to be spiritually starving (or at least, eating a ridiculous amount of junk food).
I am reminded of Jesus saying, "I am the bread of life." (John 6:35) We need him everyday in order to be healthy and ready for whatever Satan has to throw at us.  That is why I am so glad to be reading the New Testament again!  And I am super glad to know that you have joined me in this great eating plan, I mean reading plan!! 😉
It will help us stay at the top of our game and keep the tempter away!!

Have a great week!!!

If you have any troubles posting, please let me know.  I want to try to fix the problem,  Thanks!!


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