Titus 1-3~ Day 94~ Be the moon, reflect the Son.

Can God's word be slandered by things I do?
.....yup...you bet it can!

Paul gives a list of instructions on how a Christian should present themselves to the world, which include, reverent behavior, not slanderous, not slaves to excessive drinking, teaching what is good, encourage others to love their family, be self-controlled, pure, etc. (2:3-5). It's a pretty long list, but certainly not exhaustive, so Paul adds a line at the end that catches everything else that can be included in the lifestyle of a Christian, "so that God's word will not be slandered." (2:5b). That statement doesn't leave wiggle room.  Anything that can malign the word of God should be avoided.

Rephrasing that line can become a great question to use when self-evaluating.   "Will what I am about to do put a negative light on Jesus, Christianity, the church, and God's Word?"
to put it positively, "Will what I am about to do reflect well on Jesus?"   I gotta remember to do that!
If I could remember to ask myself those questions, there would be no need to memorize a list of behaviors (which is good for me since I have a terrible memory for lists!).  The motivation for right living would simply be to make Jesus look good.

This reminds me of a t-shirt I bought several years ago that my oldest son adopted as his own.  I loved the sentiment on the shirt and was proud of my son when he wanted to wear it a a witness to his own faith.  On the front of the shirt it said, "Be the Moon", and on the back it read, "Reflect the Son."  That is what a Christian wants to do, right?  But, it's one thing to say it and another to do it.  When my son put that shirt on, he was raised to a new level of accountability.  Everyone who read it would be watching to see if he lived it.  His actions would reflect how others would think of Jesus.

Since my kids accepted the Lord as their savior at young ages, I would often remind them, "Remember, for some people at school, you are the only Bible they will read."  I didn't need to give my kids a list of behaviors to try to abide by, instead, I just reminded them as Paul did to Titus, watch what you do, "so that God's word will not be slandered."

Today's reading was a good reminder for me to get back into focus what is important. Even though I know it and taught it, a daily refresher course (daily Bible reading) is always needed to accurately reflect the Son.


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