Revelation 17-18 ~ Day 118 ~ Rejoice for Babylon (sin) is destroyed!!

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time keeping straight in my mind the symbolism of Babylon the Great.  the symbolism of Babylon being a lady is carried on so long through out the reading today, I forget it's not actually a lady!  It's not even one city!

So what is it?

Well, Babylon at one time, was a powerful city.  It's "golden age" was during the 6th century BC.  It fell in glory when Cyrus the Great conquered it in 539BC.  Although it was still an active city for centuries to come, it never regained the legendary wealth and power it had in the 6th century BC.  Yet, the fame of that golden era period made the proper noun, Babylon into a regular noun. Babylon describes a package of selfish wealth, self-serving opulence, and cravings for indulgences of every kind.  I liken it to how the town of Sodom became a noun with a different meaning than the town.  Sodomy now defines sexual acts that are "unnatural" or immoral.

So, back to what we read today in Revelation.  I try to get understanding with difficult reading by substituting with words that mean the same thing.  For example, John uses "Babylon" to describe a package of selfish wealth, craving indulgences (18:14) and excessive ways (18:9).  I think it's appropriate to substitute "Babylon" with "sin", right?  After all, all those thoughts and actions summed up with the term Babylon, are sin.

So, I can read, "It has fallen, (sin) has fallen." (18:2).  "The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over (sin), because they will see sin is no longer lucrative." (18:11-13).  "In this way, (sin) will be thrown down violently and never be found again." (18:21b)
In the end, people will see that sin was not the way to true happiness.  The deception that Satan used to deceive the nations will be destroyed.  People will realize that their cravings for idolatry were stupid!  This realization will hit them with such force, they "will mourn; and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matt. 24:30)

Ahhh, for me, that helps so much for me to substitute "Babylon" with "sin" to keep the story straight in my head!  I get clear understanding how, that with the coming of Christ, all sin will be banished....gone forever!!  No wonder there will be no more tears (we will read that in Rev. 21:4) since "the previous things have passed away."  No wonder we read, "Rejoice over her, heaven, and you saints (that's us), apostles and prophets, because God has pronounced on her the judgement she passed on you!" (Rev. 18:20)

Yes!! So much to rejoice over!!


Rapster J said…
Excellent! That really helps to make sense of it.

Welcome back!! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

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