Revelation 10-11~ Day 115~Lot's of symbolism!!

My husband sits across the room from me in the morning and does his reading while I do mine.  I am one day ahead in the reading plan, which works out perfectly for us because he has become my editor!  He does his reading and then re reads the blog.  He catches my mistakes on what I posted that morning and I fix them right away before others get to their reading.  If you ever catch mistakes in my writing...he probably didn't have time to do his reading that morning! 😛

Anyway, he sat down today and said, "Revelation is so hard to understand!"  Believe me, I get it!!  It is hard to understand, in part, because John uses symbolic images to get the messages across to his readers. Some examples include, the dragon, representing Satan, an earthquake symbolizing God's judgement and a three different female characters to describe Babylon, the 'bride' of the Lamb and the nation of Israel.

We come to another interesting use of symbolism in today's reading when we read John being instructed to "measure the temple of God, along with the alter and count those who worship there." (11:1). My commentary pointed out that these instructions paralleled Ezekiel's vision (Ez. 40:35), in which the measuring of the temple represents God's possession and protection of his people.  Well, that's good to know!!  It's not a's symbolism.  So the point of the counting is to show God possesses and protects his own.  Though his own may be conquered physically (Rev. 13:7), they are sealed by God (7:3-5) and cannot be conquered spiritually.

I was wondering why God would want John to measure out the temple.  The explanation of the measuring as being symbolic makes sense now!
Thanks God, for giving those who had understanding, the desire to write commentaries!  It definitely helps me!! Thank yo also for your assurance you have given us in Revelation that I am yours, you protect me and you ultimately win the battle against Satan!  


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