Philemon ~ Day 96~ Am I quick to forgive?

So, the other day I noticed and commented on that horrible list Paul wrote to Timothy of what people would be like in the last days.  One stood out to me that I hadn't noticed before.  "For people will be....irreconcilable." (3:3)

Being that we are in the last days now (Acts 2;17, Rom. 13:11-12, Heb. 1:1-2, James 5:3&8 and 1Peter 4:7), I'm sure you can share a story of two people you know who were never able to reconcile their differences.  I can! An argument can occur between Christians,  neither will humbly back down and as a result, the relationship is forever damaged.  If this occurs between two believers, then we can safely say, that neither of the two can clearly see the fact that Jesus forgave them from their own wicked ways. If they truly understood that, they would be able to turn around and forgive the other.

I bring this up because I think it's very consistent of Paul to first tell Timothy to look out for people who are irreconcilable, and then he writes to Philemon, as if to remind him of these same facts.  "There will be people who are unable to reconcile, but it better not be you, Philemon!"
To paraphrase Paul to Philemon, he says, "I hope, as a Christian, you can reconcile with Onesimus.  I'm not going to force it (vs8),'s up to you....but remember, you owe me (vs 19)...I'm just say'n."

Christians today need this reminder.  Paul gives us a great example on how we can encourage fellow believers to forgive if they are in an angry state. In addition, we (or at least, I) are reminded that we have been forgiven by God, so forgiving others should come quickly and easily. I am still working on the "easy" part. 😜 


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