Hebrews 1-2~ Day 96~ Pay attention!!

"For this reason (the fact that Jesus is superior~1:4), we must pay attention all the more to what we have heard (about Jesus), so that we will not drift away(2:1)....Don' neglect your salvation."(2:3)

That verse stood out to me after receiving an email this morning.  The note was from a person I knew 35+ years ago.  He was trying to get in touch with the whole gang that hung out together at the YMCA, for a couple of years.  We were a group of teens joined together under the leadership of a "Grizzle Adam's" type, Christian leader.  Those were fun years for me and pivotal in the growth of my Christian faith.

Now, time has shown that not all in our group maintained their Christian beliefs.  They didn't pay attention to what they heard, so they drifted away.They neglected the one who was offering them salvation.  😔

I love the directive the Hebrew writer gives, "we must pay attention all the more to what we have heard."  Learning about Christ is an event in time.  Choosing to follow him is a life time commitment.   It's not something  you do at a ceremony, checkoff the box as being done and then move on to something else.  That would be like having a wedding ceremony, but never living with your new spouse!

Rather, Christianity is a lifestyle change that needs to be fed with reminders of "what we have heard".  That is why daily reading of the Bible is so helpful!  By doing this reading plan, I am reminded daily of what I have heard and why I made that decision, all those years ago to follow Christ.

I pray for that old group of friends that I had.  Many, as a result of "drifting away", have suffered from their choices and missed out on "signs and wonders, various miracles, and distributions of gifts form the Holy Spirit according to his will." (2:4). But, I take heart that it is never too late, as long as one has breath, to make Jesus one's Savior.  I pray that Jesus draws these friends back to himself.  I pray their eyes are opened to what they have missed out on so that they can chose now to stop neglecting such a great salvation. (2:3)


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