Colossians 1-2~ Day 85~ Give God the credit.

“I labor for this (proclaiming Christ), striving with his strength that works powerfully in me.” (1:29)

Back in my MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) days, I worked with a group of women, the Steering Team, who volunteered their time to help run the program. They themselves were busy moms of young children, but they wanted to help run the program to ultimately change the lives of moms who didn’t yet know Jesus.
During that time I came across an article that I shared with them that I still remember all these years later. It was titled, “Volunteering verses Being Called”.  The premises of the article was to highlight that there are differences between the two.  The point I remember the best is that a volunteer may get burnt out, trying to get everything done on their own merits and strength. On the other hand, a person who has been called to a task by the Lord, gets a continued  source of energy and strength to complete the task.

Paul illustrates this idea in the above verse. What a great reminder and check to see why I do what I do. Do I labor with the powerful strength God gives to me? Or, do I grumble and complain, wanting a vacation all the time to escape what I do day in and day out?

When you think about it, laboring with God’s strength is the only way we should be doing things. If I work in my own strength and accomplish what I want, than I can give thanks to myself, right?
 “I did such a good job on that!”

Paul had the right idea when he attributed his strength to God. He acknowledged, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:17) And, he gives God all the credit and glory.  What a good example to follow!!


Rapster J said…
Oh man, that's so true, in my volunteering I could always tell if I was doing it in my own strength or with Christ's! The hardest part was finding others to join in the fun, and who have the same attitude about helping with Jesus' strength, cause burnout can happen very easily!
So true!
I find it helps for me to ask myself, “Is God calling me to do that?” If I don’t feel called, it makes it easier to say, no, even if the thing seems to be good cause.
I think I have avoided a lot of “burn out” situations that way.

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