2 Thessalonians 1-3~ I’m glad there’s a Restrainer!

It gets my mind spinning thinking about the man of lawlessness!
“And you know what currently restrains him, so that he will be revealed in his time.” (2:6)
I do?...I’m supposed to know what is restraining him?...Well, I don’t!....But the Thessalonians did!  

I’ve read a few commentaries to find out what scholars speculated regarding the restrainer.  One thing I remind myself of regarding the inspired word of God is that he can make His word have double meaning.   Here is what I mean:
Some commentaries feel “the restrainer” was Roman Law that kept rulers in check until Nero put himself above the law. Others think that the restrainer was the Roman Empire retraining corrupt clergy that eventually achieved corrupt power in the form of the papacy.  These commentators would suggest that 2 Thess 2:6 has come to pass.....and it very well may have!
Yet, God can use the same words to describe events that refer to a future time (from us) as well.
 In that case, the man of lawlessness is being restrained NOW. 😨
The “restraining” reminds me of how John writes that Satan will be “locked up” (restrained) for a period of time (Rev. 20:3).  Could that be now? Satan is being restrained from his full ability to deceive the world? If 2 Thess 2:6 is referring to a future event, then we can be sure, he (the man of lawlessness) will be revealed (2:6), and things are going to get real ugly! 😱

The funny thing about this reading is that Paul is trying to encourage his readers! 
Paul:  Don’t worry! You didn’t miss it! The Day of the Lord didn’t happen yet!  
Them: Whew! Because I was getting confused by what some people were saying! 
Paul: Yeah...like I said, things might seem bad now (2:7), but it’s going to get much worse! (2:8)
Them: 🥺
Paul: Oh! But don’t worry about that either! Jesus will destroy him with one breath! (2:8b)
Them: Oh, ok then.....😌


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