1 Corinthians 3-5~ Day 66~

“You are God’s field, God’s building.” (3:9b) That’s cool when you think about it!
Paul is a skilled master builder and others build on what he started (3:10)....So, what do the others build?... They build on the person who is a believer in Jesus Christ (3:11), who is growing in their faith.  It’s important to keep those thoughts in mind as we continue reading about building on that foundation.
“If anyone builds on a foundation with gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, each one’s work will become obvious.” (3:12-13)

Keep in mind, the work here is how one influences, teaches and nurtures another’s growth as a Christian. Paul isn’t talking about any other type of work. The type of work one pours into another’s life will be obvious (3:13) by how the student thinks.

This is so interesting to me!! God is the one who causes a person to grow (3:6), yet there is a responsibility on our part to plant and water.  The way we plant and water does have an impact on the outcome of others! (3:13b) Isn’t that mind blowing when, in context we know that God has control of everything?🤔 He gives us some of the credit for influence. This is one of those things that I find hard to wrap my brain around, but I accept it because it’s written in the inspired Word of God....so, it is so!
My theory to why God gives us a role in the growth of a Christian is because he wants us to experience the reward of seeing the fruit of our labor (3:14),  to see that “student” in heaven along with all the others that student influenced.
I want lots of rewards like that when I get to heaven! I better do some planting or watering then! 


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