1 Corinthians 13-14~ God’s inspired word doesn’t change.

Reading chapter 14 always causes me to think back to a time when I witnessed a pastor keep order in his church. In my early teens my older sister started taking me to a charismatic church that had an abundance of prophesying and speaking in tongues. 
You can imagine what this young girl’s face looked like when I first saw someone “slayed in the Spirit” or when I heard a song be sung loudly in a spiritual tongue, followed up by a person who interpreted the entire song. 😳
To be honest, it was so different from the stoic, conservative denomination I came from, I wasn’t doing a lot of worshipping when I first started to attend. Rather, I would watch the show in utter amazement! 
I got to witness, first hand, the pastor keeping his congregation in order, as I imagine the Corinthians learned to do from Paul’s letter.  This pastor was adhering to, “ two or three prophets should speak, and the others should evaluate. “ (14:24) 
I remember one service people were speaking out a prophetic words, popping up like popcorn across the room. It was encouraging to listen to, picturing God speaking the words straight to us. Then, someone spoke a very condemning word to the group. The pastor stopped that person stating he did not feel that was from the Lord since the previous words had been so encouraging. 😮He made the person sit down!😳On another occasion someone said a long statement in a heavenly tongue, the pastor stood up and stated we would wait until someone interpreted that statement. We waited....and then someone else across the room interpreted the entire, encouraging statement. 😌
It was so good for me to see, first hand, this pastor, who knew God’s word intimately, put it to practice. Paul’s words to the Corinthians are timeless just as the rest of the Bible is timeless. The worship I witnessed was a testimony to that!


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