Luke 21-22~ Day 33~ Free will giving

There are big themes in our daily reading, but lately my mind has been drawn to the little paragraphs that I often skim past in order to focus on the big theme.  Yet those little paragraphs hold some gems!

For example, chapter 21 is all about signs these people can look for that point to the destruction of Jerusalem and Jesus coming "in a cloud with power and great glory" (21:27).  Those are huge things to try to comprehend, absorb and imagine!

So, it's easy to miss the quick observation and comment Jesus made about the widow dropping her money into the temple treasury (21:1-4).  Boy, did those four verses get me to ponder!
What exactly does this scripture mean for me?  Would I put in all I had?

First, I was thinking about the lady.  I don't know why, but "poor, old"  made me think hunched over, wobbling up to a collection box and feebly raising her arm to drop her coins into a box (something like the witch in Snow White).  I'm probably totally wrong on that picture!  Maybe she was tall, stood upright and proud, walking with determined steps up to a table where money is placed for all to see.
Anyway, who cares what the lady looked like!  What I should be imagining is me walking up to the treasury!
What would I put in it?  I think Jesus is telling me to put my whole self on the table.  All that I have!  My time, energy, effort, money, house, car, food...give it all to the service of God.  Wouldn't that be sacrificial?!

The thing to remember about the widow's giving was that it wasn't done out of obligation.  She wasn't paying the required temple tax, she was putting her money in the free will offering and she gave sacrificially!

Wow! So much to learn from 4 little verse!  Lord, help me to be like the widow!


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