Acts 23-24~ Day 56~ What did Drusilla do?

I'm going to share a little trivia with you, in case you wanted to know more about Drusilla! Yes, I am sure you were all wondering about Drusilla, like I was....Is this where Disney got the inspiration for the step sister of Cinderella?  Oh, wait, no, the Disney character was Drizella....never mind...

Anyway, Drusilla, the wife of Felix that we read about today in Acts 24 has been mentioned in other historical accounts beside the Bible.  You may have heard of Flavius Josephus.  He was a Jewish historian born 8 years after the resurrection of Jesus.  Born in Jerusalem, he writes a gory, first hand account of the destruction of Jerusalem that occurred in 70 AD.  Yet, he also writes about a lot of other Jewish history. In fact, he wrote about Felix and his wife.  In his book, Antiquities, he writes that Drusilla was actually married before to another guy, at the young age of 15.  Yet, when Felix saw her, he was smitten by her beauty and sent a Jewish friend to her to convince her to leave her husband, the king of Emassa, which she did!  It is estimated that she was about 20 years old when she heard Paul give his defense.

I wonder what she thought about Paul and the gospel that he preached?  I would imagine that she was "afraid" like her husband was (24:25).  She was Jewish after all.  She knew that it was unlawful to just leave a husband; that would be adultery.  So, hearing the gospel would remind her that she was a sinner and needed a Savior.  That day could have been pivotal for her and her husband. We don't know if she ever gave her life to the Lord, but we do know how her life ended here on earth.  She had two children with Felix, a boy named Marcus and a girl named Antonia.  Felix got kicked out of his job around 60 AD,  so Drusilla made her way north to Italy.  Guess who mentions her again when he wrote of some notable people who died in Pompeii as a result of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD?  That's right, Josephus mentions Drusilla and her son, Marcus in the list of casualties! That means she died suddenly at around 41 years old!

I think that is amazing that we know so much about this woman!  Can we learn anything from her?  I think so! If you hear the gospel message, you better not take too long to decide to change your life because of it!  Your life can end suddenly and then...there is judgement!  Drusilla will have no excuse on judgment day.  She heard the gospel laid out plain and clear by Paul.  What did she do with that information? I am hoping fo the best.......😬


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