Acts 19-20~ Day 54~ Prepared hearts

It’s always interesting to me to read about “some disciples” who didn’t know Jesus (19:1). How were they disciples then?
Perhaps Luke, as he was reflecting back, called them disciples because that is what they became. Or maybe he was thinking "disciples of John" but just wrote disciples.  I don't know but, regardless, Paul “found” these men by noticing something they were demonstrating.  These 12 men understood that they were sinners and needed forgiveness. They were repent-full enough to be baptized into “John’s baptism”.
This reminds me of the verse found in Corinthians 7:10, “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.”  If these men just stayed in their knowledge of needing to repent, but never knew who could restore them...that would be a sad state indeed! (Like Judas's sorrow in Matt. 27:3)
But God wasn’t finished with these men yet...He sent Paul to finish the story! I think that is so cool!

The purpose of John’s baptism was to prepare hearts to be open to hearing about the Messiah.
Like the saying goes, you can’t have a savior if you don’t need saving. These men, thanks to John's preaching knew they needed saving.  Boy, were these men prepared to hear about the Messiah! Upon hearing about Jesus, they immediately got baptized in his name!
I just love that story!
Lord, please prepare the hearts of some people I know, so that when they hear more details of Jesus, they are are ready to make Him their Savior!! 


Jasmine Hadley said…
One thing that I took away from the reading today is how Paul continually has such a committed passion to be Jesus missionary. Paul’s joy was not determined by circumstances but by Jesus! When he is speaking to the Ephesians Elders I just keep thinking man Paul’s faith is so strong and I want to have that faith! Lord help me have the faith like Paul to preach your Gospel and truth!

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