Luke 5-6~ Day 25~ Jesus IS our Sabbath

Let’s talk about the Sabbath since we read a lot about it in today’s reading.

“The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath” (6:5)  Have you ever given that sentence much thought? What does Jesus mean when he says he is the Lord of the Sabbath? My footnote says it’s that he had “authority to overrule the Pharisees tradition because Jesus had created the Sabbath. The creator is always greater than the creation.”

That’s true, but I think there is even more to it than that! The Sabbath is much more than “a day of rest”, it is symbolic of something greater!
I’m reading a book called Kingdom Come by Sam Storms. He does an excellent job of pointing out how everything in the Old Testament points to Jesus. In fact he asserts that “the Old Testament finds its consummate fulfillment in the person of Christ and his body, the Church” (pg. 16)

For example, Jesus is the true temple of God. The temple of the Old Testament with the  “shekinah” glory of God is now fulfilled in Jesus. God now dwells with his people (John 1:14).

He also talks about how Jesus is our Sabbath rest.  When Paul writes in Colossians that the Sabbath is “A shadow of what was to come; the substance of Christ.“, he is saying the Sabbath, though the immediate purpose in the Old Testament was to provide rest from physical labor, the foreshadowing and symbolism of the Sabbath finds its fulfillment in the spiritual rest provided by Jesus.
We cease from our labors, not by resting physically one day in seven, but by resting spiritually every day and forever in Christ by faith alone." (Storms p. 25)

So, in essence, for as Christians, every day is the Sabbath. Therefore Jesus is Lord over every day in a Christian’s life!  I love that! With all that in mind, I totally understand what Jesus is proclaiming in Luke 6:5, “The Son of Man is the Lord of the Sabbath”.
Let him be Lord of your life because he gives you spiritual rest every day of it! You no longer need to work for your righteousness. Rest knowing you are righteous!


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