Sunday, April 28, 2019

Revelation 17-18~ Day 118~Who is that lady?

John's metaphor of a woman/prostitute/city/Babylon is so strongly personified, I had a hard time keeping in mind what she actually is!   I had to reread parts in the reading today to keep it straight.

From the reading  "she" is an evil world power "that made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries." (14:8). Many people think “she” symbolizes Rome, others have very good arguments that she is symbolic of Jerusalem before it was destroyed in 70 AD.  Those two views vary depending on when the interpreters think John wrote Revelation.
But, just as prophesy does, it can have an immediate meaning and a future meaning, right?!
So, I asked myself, what is something that is not a person, but a power that would dazzle with riches (18:17) and be against God's people (17:6) today?
Well, I thought of something...John could be personifying greed!  Greed (personified) stores up wealth, wants influence and power over people and it does whatever it takes to achieve it!  Christians are taught to live the opposite to that.  We are taught to not store up for ourselves treasures on earth (Matt. 6:19) and to be a servant to others (Mark 10:42-45).  So, "Greed" would hate Christ followers (which by the way, Jesus warned us about that in John 15:18), and has even been the root to why Christians have been killed.

When I thought of the woman like that, it made sense to me that her destruction would be quick! (1 hour- 18:17)  I love how the scene switches back to heaven, back to that glorious scene we were watching in Chapter 4 and 7 (7:9).  Back to that multitude in heaven (that I am going to be a part of!), "shouting" (19:1) a victory chant!

It's like John is saying to us readers, "Take heart!  Living a Christian life here on earth, not getting trapped in the desires the world offers, will have great reward! Take heart, be of good cheer, the victory celebration is going to be awesome!!"


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Amen and Hallelujah!!

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