Thursday, April 11, 2019

James 3-5~ Day 101~ Swearing....😬

The other day I met a gal who has been a Christian for nearly her whole life!  She studies and teaches the Bible intently.  She lives above reproach and raised her kids well.  I was enjoying our conversation.  And then it happened!  .I was taken by surprise when she threw out a little, "I swear I didn't....blah, blah, blah."  😕 Wait...What?....It  seemed so out of character for who I thought I was getting to know!

Now,... she didn't swear to God...or to anything outside herself for that justified, "It's no big deal...Almost everyone in our culture, Christians included, talk like that!"
I had this thought this week and then today I read, "Above all, my brothers and sisters, do not swear- not by heaven or by earth or by anything else.  All you need to say is a simple "Yes" or "No".  Otherwise you will be condemned." (5:12)
Hmmmm 🤔
I can't help but compare the concept of letting your "yes" and "no" mean something, to a parenting technique  I learned early on, with my first baby.  I was taught as a parent, to not count to 10 when expecting a response from my child.  I was told, "Kids are smart!  They will know when you really mean what you say."  If you start counting, they will know you won't demand a response until you get to 10.  Until then, they may or may not respond. But when you get to 10, they will jump because that is when you get really serious!  Instead, avoid the count all together and let your child know you are serious the first time you ask.

That made sense to me!  Well, the same goes for adults.  Hasn't our culture taught us all that one is not really serious until he/she says, "No, really! I promise" or "I swear it's true!".
However, if you know someone who does not ever swear, just making their statement with the assumption that you trust their do trust them don't you?  The swearing is not necessary because you have learned to trust their word.  It's like the saying, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."
To be honest, when I heard this new friend say, "I swear..." I got the impression, therefore, that she doesn't really mean what she says until she backs it up or emphasizes her statement with the "No really! I mean it!"

I think that is why James made a big deal about this issue ("Above all"). A Christian's reputation should be one of truth at all times...not just when they really mean it.

What are your thoughts?


Christine R said...

Oooh that one trips up so many... Or when someone says "Oh My God" instead of just "oh my" or "oh my goodness"... My heart hurts for Jesus when I hear it.

Rapster J said...

Yes, I'm guilty sometimes of saying that- an unthoughtful habit, and not the best way to emphasize a point which is when I usually say it!

Walking with The Way said...

Amen! May we all be sensitive toward Jesus!!

Walking with The Way said...

It's good to be reminded of the "best way" by James!!

Walking with The Way said...

Sorry Lori, Some how your comment was deleted..
This is what you said, "I remember when my oldest was in fourth grade at CVCS, he came home one day and told us he had a weapon! He had learned in chapel that day that his tongue was a weapon. They must have been teaching James 3!"

I love that!! I love that he was learning at school what you were also teaching at home!! What an awesome education!