Wednesday, April 10, 2019

James 1-2~ Day 100~ Quick to listen 👂🏻😄

I use all sorts of reasons to celebrate any given day!  So, here's my excuse to celebrate today:

We are on our 100th day of reading through the New Testament!!  That's something to celebrate!!

So, on to our reading.....

James is filled with a lot of practical teaching.  I am wondering what stood out to you?  I would love to hear!!....I am being "quick to listen" (1:19) 😉


  1. I like the part in James 2 about favoritism being forbidden... especially James 2:4 and James 2:8... In other words, love "everyone" as yourself...not just our neighbors...

    1. 2000 years of that teaching and people still hold celebrities and such in high esteem! Christian teaching definitely goes against our nature doesn’t it?! James is a great reminder for us!!

  2. And it seems that today is also National siblings Day and Golfers day....😁