Thursday, March 14, 2019

2 Cor. 7-9 ~ Day 73~ Clean up the house!

"Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence. (7:1)

That is the first sentence of chapter 7, but it clearly goes with the previous chapter.  I wonder why they broke it up that way?  Since Paul goes on to a new thought, I almost missed what he was saying!  The use of the word "therefore" is a call to action!  So, I can't help ask myself, do I strive for perfect holiness out of my reverence for God?

I like how Spurgeon, (a famous preacher in the 1800's) says, "If God dwells in us, let us make the house clean for so pure a God."  That made me think, yeah, if the president of the U.S. was coming to my house for dinner, you can bet I would clean my house from top to bottom, take a shower and do my hair!  How much more would I want everything to be perfect for my all powerful God?!

So, Paul says the knowledge of the promises should play a factor in our desire to perfect holiness.  Again, Spurgeon lists the promises chapter 6 concisely like this:  God promises us divine indwelling (6:16), divine manifestation, divine covenanting, divine acceptance (6:17) and divine adoption (6:18).

Martin Luther also had words on the subject, "What greater insult to God can there be than not to believe His promises.  And if we truly believed his promises, we will strive to obey through His power working in us."

So, I guess the better question to ask myself is, do I really believe God lives in me? Do I believe he manifests himself to me, convenes with me and accepts me?  Do I believe that he has adopted me into his family?  If I truly believe those things than through his power, I will obey and get rid of everything that makes my house a mess! I will work toward perfecting holiness, because I hold God way higher than the president of the U.S.!!!


  1. Yes, that is the call, the commandment (do what Jesus said) and the hard part. I know I get complacent, like Nebaccanezer.

  2. love this insight Anita. i've got some dusting to do!