Friday, March 8, 2019

1 Cor. 6-8~ Day 67~ Undivided devotion

Watch your reading plan!  It's switching form 2 to 3 chapters for a few days.  With that, look on the bright side, you will get more continuity in the letter!
That was the case for me with today's reading.  Instead of reading these chapters as a list of do's an don'ts, I read it from the perspective of the devoted followers who had asked Paul their list of questions (7:1).
I was endeared to these new believers who had such a strong desire to follow Jesus whole heartedly that they were willing to not get married, willing to change their lifestyle to follow Jesus, and they felt the freedom that is in Christ so they didn't care about the "taboo" of certain meat.  Their devotion was inspiring to me!
Yet, in their devotion, they needed some clarification:  Do I leave my unbelieving spouse?  Do I push the point that it is OK to eat anything?

Praise God, Paul took the time to answer all their questions!  AND, the letter was so valuable to them, they saved it!!  Saved it so well, that it has lasted two thousand years!  (That is SO God!)  I particularly loved this verse, "I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you but that you may live a right way in undivided devotion to God." (7:35)

It left me thinking, do I have an undivided devotion to God?  Are there areas in my life that distract me from God?  Lord, help me to be like these new believers in Corinth; eager to please you in all aspects of life.  From my marriage to what I eat, let me be fully devoted to you in all ways! 

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