Luke 21-22~ Day 33~ Stress is a choice!

Why do we get so stressed out when someone says, “Do you want to go evangelize?”  Eekk!..No way!  That’s not my “gift”.  I’ll leave that to someone else…..

I have three kids in college right now.  When they call, telling me how stressed they are with their work load or a big test is looming, I pray with them.  I don’t pray, “Help them do well on their test”, rather, I pray, “Help them to have a clear mind to remember all they have studied.”  
I take the time to remind them that they have put the hours of study time into the subject, they are prepared!  

Yet, getting stressed out has a way of blocking logical thinking. I can relate with that!  Illogical trains of thought pour into my mind when I am “stressed”!  

This verse stood out to me today, “Make up your mind not to worry before hand how you will defend yourself.” (21:14)  
For some reason, it had such a calming effect on me reading,  “Make up your mind!” I can choose NOT to stress!   It was like my heavenly father was saying, “You know the information, you have studied, now don’t let stress cloud your mind!”  

If you have been a Christian for a day or years, you are prepared!  You know what Jesus has done for you.  You know what you would be without him.  You know how your life has changed since you received him as your Savior.  
There should be no stress in sharing that with others.  One just needs to “make up one’s mind not to worry”, before you go out and tell others your story. It is every Christian’s “gift” to share their story with others! 

I am writing this out, because I need to hear these words!  I need to make my decision now, not to worry.  Can anyone else relate?


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