John 9-10~ Day 39~ Display God's work!

Almost a year ago, I was reading this section of scripture and had the same thoughts I had today.  So, I thought I would post what I said before to encourage each of you to share God's work in your life!

God loves to display his work!  It is seen in his creation of the universe, and the earth (Psalm 104:24).  He also likes to display his work in people!
“Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” (9:3)
God works miracles in peoples lives to display his work!

What a great reason to share your testimony! Your life story, if changed by God, needs to be told in order to put His work on display! 

Every believer has a story.  The miracle that must be displayed is that your heart opened to the truth.  I think Christians get caught thinking that they need a spectacular story like the man who was blind from birth.  That was pretty amazing!  Yet, thinking that your story needs to be as spectacular undermines the miracle done in you.

If everyone, including you and me has , “The heart (that) is evil above all things, and desperately sick…” (Jeremiah 17:9), than the fact that Jesus moved into my heart is a miracle! (Eph. 3:17).

That is every Christian’s story that can be shared with others in order to display God’s work!
OK, you may say, I will share my story, but I don't know what way is best.
Well, here are three simple points to share your testimony:
1.) What was your life like before Christ?
2.) How did you come to Christ?
3.) What is your life like now.

Simple!  Your story displays God’s work; tell it with joy like you would describing any other miracle!!  If you think about it,….every believer has a similar story to the blind man.  We can each say, “One thing I do know, that I was blind, now I see.” (9:25)

John Newton a sailor (who also had the mouth of a sailor) in the 1700’s personally experienced, “God’s work”.  God changed his life so he got into pastoral work in his 30’s and penned the famous poem that became the song, “Amazing Grace.”  He too, was blind at first but then could see truth.  I love that he took the time to write about it so that God’s work could be displayed and we get to benefit form hearing the story!!


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