John 17-18~ Day 43~ Jesus needs to be sanctified???

I thought I would give a little FYI today to help clarify a verse.  It clarified it for me at least!

"For them I sanctify myself, that they too may be truly sanctified." (John 17:19)

I needed clarification because it's weird to read that a holy God (Jesus) needs to make himself holy. 🤔
So, here is the thing.  When Jesus says he "sanctifies" himself, it can also be translated "consecrate" which means "dedicated".  In light of that definition, Jesus is saying he is dedicating himself (which he did, to the cross) in order to make others holy.

Well, that makes sense!  So, it's like he is saying,"For them I am dedicating myself to the cross so that they may be holy as I am holy."

That word study helped me!  Hope it helped you too!


Rapster J said…
That's good! Same with Jesus' baptism, seems like that would be unnecessary, but He said it was necessary and right.
Ah, yes, another profound, weird statement found in the gospels!! Here is what John Piper says on that, if you are interested, you can copy and paste the site below:

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