John 13-14~ Day 41~ In His name...

I have to admit, I have been waning in my prayers lately.  Under my prayer tab on this blog,  I explained how I use a shopping list pad of paper to write down the names of the people I pray for.
I thought it was a good idea, and still do, except for one thing... that piece of paper gets separated from my Bible from time to time.  Then it ends up floating around the kitchen, then my desk...when it's out of sight, it's out of  mind.  😝 But, to be honest, I have been feeling "out of sorts" on my prayers with or without the list.  When a name stays on the list for over a year, it can feel discouraging.

Well, it's a good thing I am reading the Bible everyday!  It has a way of re-inspiring me to be diligent with my list!!

"And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  You may ask for anything in my name and I will do it." (John 14:14)

Did you notice Jesus repeats himself?  He says, "in my name" twice.  When I was pondering that, I came to the conclusion that he didn't want me to just tack on his name at the end of my prayer.
"In the name of Jesus I pray!"....hum....what exactly does he mean by that?.....

One commentary said it is to come before God in the righteousness of Jesus.  Not by our own efforts, "Well, I have been pretty good this week, so God will hear me" and not, "I haven't done well this week, so God won't listen." ...It is not anything good or bad that we have done that allows us to step a foot before a mighty God, but by Jesus.  Ahhh, this is making sense.... In the name of Jesus, by the act of Jesus, by the righteousness of Jesus....In the name of Jesus.

So, I am changing to be like Jesus.  Since I follow him, I want to be like him.  So, how does he pray?   We have a good example of how he does it in John 12:27, "Now my soul is troubled, what shall I say?  'Father, save me from this hour'? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour.  Father glorify your name!"

Ah!  There is a similarity to what Jesus said in John 12:27 and 14:14, praying in the name of Jesus or like Jesus, would result in glorifying the Father.  That is how Jesus will give anything we ask in prayer; does it glorify the Father and be in the will of the Father.
Well.....that certainly changes the way one would pray, right?  Jesus didn't ask God to alleviate his "troubled soul" he just prayed that God would be glorified.
OK, Lord, help me to pray like Jesus, with the intent for all things I pray for to glorify YOU!


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