John 5-6~ Day 37~Jesus is obviously making a point....but...what is it?

Did anyone notice that Jesus repeated himself four times in chapter 6?!

"And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day." (6:39)
"I will raise them up at the last day" is also found in 6:40, 44 and 54.
If Jesus repeats himself four times, he is obviously making a point, right?

I think the writer, John, is using the words of Jesus to give hope to his readers.  Perhaps by the time John is writing his gospel believers are being persecuted for their faith and several of the disciples have already died for their faith. So hearing these words of Jesus would be very encouraging!

As I was reading commentaries to see what others said about the 4x repeat, I found another interesting take on the topic.  Most say that "last day" means the second coming of Jesus. But, there are variations of interpretation as to when or how the "last day" would play out.  So, something that seems so straight forward gets confusing in light of eschatology (the study of end times) and how different people come to different conclusions reading the same verse.

I have spent way too much time today thinking about the 4x repeat.  I should just focus on the encouragement it gives, but it's hard for me not to get carried away with more thoughts on the future.

If eschatology is not your thing, than please share what you got out of your reading.  I would love to hear!
However, if the subject floats your boat, these verses can wreak havoc on a premillennialist, wouldn't you agree?

I know not everyone cares to think too much on the subject of eschatology, so by no means feel like you have to do more reading.  But for those who like to "go there",  I am reading a book looking at the millennium topic in a very different way from what I have been taught.  I find it super interesting!!
If you are interested in reading a chapter out of the book, here you go:


Rapster J said…
I would love to read that and discuss. I also find it fascinating that Jesus teaching that, as followers of Him, we must eat his body and drink his blood. I can see why He lost many disciples that day- it is hard teaching. I would like to do some research on that.
Unknown said…
In today's reading I was actually more focused on how many times Jesus told that he came down from Heaven, was sent by the Father, and was returning to there. He really seemed to pound it into their head yet still so many turned away.....
I'm reminded how I learn in class. A teacher introduces a concept, I am lost, then she hits it again at a different time with a different angle and I start to catch on. In college, you see some kids drop classes when they see how hard the subject is going to be.
It's like Jesus is doing that with this group. He is introducing the idea that if we don't fully embrace what he did on the cross, we don't have life. And he comes back to the idea of bread and wine at the last supper (which John doesn't talk about in his version but the other gospels do). One needed to attend the class all the way through to see what he did on the cross and embrace it "full on".

It's too bad that some kids dropped out of the class!
I think what Jesus was saying, as far as being God, would be more difficult to believe than the topic of eating his body and drinking his blood!! I would need some pounding too!! Haha!
These are very difficult ideas to swallow!! How can a mere man put himself on the level of the creator of the universe?!
2 things Jesus pointed out to help with the difficult concepts were:
1.) He pointed out that the scriptures predicted his coming (5:46).
2.) His miracles proved that he was who was predicted. (Luke 7:22)

The proof is there. It's up to the hearer to weigh the evidence and believe. The choice was the same for people back then as it is for us today..

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