Acts 25-26~Day 57~ It's a true story!

I am sure you have heard the argument that the story of Jesus was made up by one brilliant men, Paul.  Well, if that were true, would that brilliant man be willing to sit in jail for 2 years in one stretch and two more years in another stretch....for a made up story?....I highly doubt it!!

If you noticed, Paul's story doesn't change over time.  The encounter he had with Jesus was life changing and unforgettable!  He recounts his testimony to King Agrippa exactly how he told the story to the crowd in Jerusalem two years prior.  (It's easy to forget that it was two years since we read the story in one chapter.)  When one has a real encounter with Jesus, the story doesn't change!

I am so thankful that God used Luke to record the facts for Theophilus (so that he could know the certainty of the things he had been taught-Luke 1:4).  While reading Acts, I have noticed that Luke first recounts his research and interviews with those who saw things first hand, and then shifts to recording a first hand account.  Did you notice when he was describing Paul's journey back to Jerusalem he lists all those who accompanied Paul but says, "These men went on ahead and waited for us at Troas.  But we sailed from Philippi..." (20:5-6)  It's a given that Luke was there.  He didn't need to state, "And me, the writer of this account.", that was implied at the beginning of Acts when he writes, "In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all Jesus began to do..." (Acts 1:1)

So, with that in mind, I can imagine Luke had stayed near Paul during those two years in the Caesarea prison, being part of a faithful group that helped provide for Paul's needs while in jail.  Therefore, he writes the account of Paul sharing his testimony pre-prison and post-prison from a first hand perspective.  He was there in both cases! We are also going to read that Luke traveled with Paul to Rome and cared for his needs there as well when Paul was under house arrest (28:30). This is assumed by scholars because of Luke's choice of pronoun used in Acts 28:10-16.
God gave enough testimony to prove that the story of Jesus is true.  It's clear to see, it's not made up.  


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