Thursday, December 6, 2018

Genesis 36~ Oholibamah

So, I am one of those geeks who actually read each name listed in the genealogies of the Bible.  Usually I get a kick out of a name or two.  This time I had to giggle at the name Oholibamah.  I don’t know why, just did. Maybe because of all the things that rhyme with “bamah”.
Anyway, about that genealogy….Why does Moses (who is attributed with writing Genesis) go into such detail on Esau’s decedents?  One commentary says, “As Abraham’s first grandson, he deserves a place in the Jewish records”  

Sadly though, because he married “pagan” women, the genealogy also shows how the enemy nation to Israel came about.  “Esau, the father of the Edomites”, (Gen. 36:43) settled south east of the Dead Sea.  Instead of helping their blood relatives through the centuries, they were a constant source of harassment. Well….that doesn’t go well for them.  The book of Obadiah (the shortest book in the Old Testament) tells what happens to them. 😳 God speaks through his prophet and gives his final punishment on the Edomites for all their wrong doing.  The moral of that story is, don’t mess with God’s kids (that’s you and me!).  There will be punishment! 


Rapster J said...

Yes, I loved Oholibamah too. Like Oh, Holy Obama ?! Bat-speak. Anyway what's with the Llama, they are so cute. Also, did you notice Amalek, father of the Amelikites of infamy and deadly enemies of Israel.

Walking with The Way said...

Llama, Obama, drama, Bamah, they all rhyme and tickled my funny bone! Anyway,
Yeah, all decedents that weren't following the Lord, ultimate became enemies of the Lord. (That goes for today as well! 😬)