Friday, November 30, 2018

Genesis 30~ God of promises~Day 30

This chapter makes me feel so uncomfortable!! The competition between the sisters, Jacob’s willingness to sleep with anyone thrown at him, Jacob’s superstition with the striped wood in front of the animals in heat, Jacob operating in his deceptive way again when mating the stronger animals for himself and leaving the weak for Laban,  argh!!
Faith in God is not being demonstrated, at all in this family!!

If the story stopped here in this chapter, I would be left thinking that these people are no different than the rest of the polytheistic people of the day.  They are acting just as the culture around them~ everyone looking out for themselves.

But God still had a plan for them, to set them apart.  This is where God gets his title “The God of Promises”.  In spite of what these people did, He was still going to keep the promise made with both Abraham and Isaac.  

That’s a good take away!  In spite of things I do to mess things up in my life, God’s promises still stand.  And there are a lot of them! It’s been counted that there are 3573 promises in the Bible!! You might be thinking, “Yeah, well those promises aren’t directed to me specifically”….. Oh, really?

Take a look at what Paul says to us, “It is not the children by physical decent who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s off spring.” (Romans 9:8)  That’s me!  I am a child of Abraham, so all the promises made to him and his people apply to me!! That’s you also, if Christ lives in you!  We have been set apart to be heirs to the biggest promise of all~ salvation!  Woo 🙌🏻woo🙌🏻! 

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