Revelation 6-7~God is in control!~ Day 113

Yesterday, I mentioned that the 4 creatures could be symbolic of God’s character.  Keeping that in mind for today’s reading, I found it really interesting that, one at a time, those creatures called out, “Come!” (6:1,3,5 & 7).

So, that would be different aspects of His character calling the “the horses” and allowing these things to happen on the earth….Well, that makes sense.  God is always in control and has the authority to dictate all that happens on the earth.

Today we also read about the different colored horses and what they represent.  Did you know the prophet Zechariah (in the Old Testament) also talked about horses (1:7-11 & 6:1-8) representing God’s judgement?

I wonder if the horses John sees is a continuation of the story that Zechariah is telling form his vision?  If so, than these seals that John is describing would be a recap of events that have already taken place.

Well……that’s an interesting way of reading this section!  Don’t get upset with this different way of thinking.  Remember, “events are ordered according to literacy, rather than strictly chronological patterns.”  Be open to thinking outside the box! 😉


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