Revelation 4-5~Worthy!~ Day 112

I had to buy a new Bible because my ‘old faithful’ got bugs in it!! 😖 So, I fumigated it and put it in the garage for a period of isolation.  That was a bummer, however, I am really liking my new “Life Application” Bible!  It’s commentary is giving me some new thoughts on what I am reading in Revelation.  

The commentary suggests that the four living creatures we read about in 4:6-9 are symbolic, just as the seven lamps are symbolic of the Holy Spirit; the four creatures “represent attributes (the qualities and character) of God.”

Well, that’s a new way of understanding those creatures!  “God’s attributes symbolize in the animal-like appearance of these four creatures are majesty and power (the lion), faithfulness (the ox), intelligence (the man), and sovereignty (the eagle).  

So…where on earth did the commentary come up with this interpretation?….By looking back to a description of God in the Old Testament (Ezek. 1:5-10).

I thought that was super interesting!  God doesn’t change! (Malachi 3:6).  He showed both Ezekiel (434 BC) and John (95 AD) the same vision of himself.  That’s pretty cool! 

And with all his majesty, power, faithfulness, intelligence and sovereignty….He is worthy to “receive glory and honor” (4:11) from all who sit around the throne ~ including us!  (5:13). ☺️


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