Revelation 21-22~ The Old Order has passed away! Yay!! ~ Day 120

The verse that stood out to me today was, “There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” (21:4)

Like I mentioned on Day 118, God’s “economy” will be so different from what it is now, it’s hard to imagine.  But the few clues we have gets me giddy with excitement! 

Well, you did it!! You read the New Testament in 120 days!  Yay!! I am confident God revealed new things to you through his Word. I pray that you continue to read His word and stay abiding in Him!

If you would like to join me, I will be reading Genesis through November and part of December and than I will be picking up on the New Testament again in the New Year!!  

How fun to read the beginning of the whole Bible as the last chapters of the Bible are so fresh in our minds!  I hope you join me! 

Always keep reading something in the Bible and God bless you as you do!


Rapster J said…
My favorite part of Revelation. Except there's no sea? Bummer for this beach girl, but of course nothing compares to actually dwelling with God and I'm sure I won't miss it!
Lori said…
Thanks for all your hard work Anita. I am looking forward to starting Genesis with you. When are you starting?
Nov. 1st.
The book is 50 chapters. Some chapters are long so I thought 1 chapter a day would be good. That brings the reading to an end Dec. 20th.
Glad to hear you want to join me!!! 🤓
Lori said…
I thought the same thing too, Julie. But maybe we can hang out in our bikinis (with our new perfect bodies) along the river that runs through the city. I think we will really enjoy that. We can eat and drink to our heart's content because we will have perfect bodies that will stay perfect. 😘
Thank you Anita! Do we have to sign up again?
Nope, you’ll keep getting the email unless you unsubscribe.
Glad you kept going with me!!! Hope to have company again! :)

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