Revelation 14-16~Wake up!!~ Day 117

Let's talk a minute about that “mark of the beast” we read about yesterday.  I always thought it was a literal mark that everyone would be able to see. Yet, one thing I know about Satan, he loves to imitate God. 
God marks his followers (Rev. 7:3).  We are already marked according to what Paul wrote in 2 Cor. 1:22, Eph. 1:13 and 4:30.  We are marked with the Holy Spirit.  It’s not a tattoo or implanted chip.  The proof that we have been marked with the Holy Spirt is that we have a repentive heart, we exhibit fruit of the Spirit, we are conforming to God’s commands and we have love for His people. 

So, why would I think that Satan’s mark is an obvious outward symbol that humans can see?  Maybe his mark is manifested by people doing the exact opposite to what is listed above as the mark of the Holy Spirit.
So, even though we humans can’t see obvious marks of who belongs to Satan and who belongs to God, the angels can!!!! And when it is time to reap the harvest, like we read about in ch. 14, it will be obvious to the angels on how to separate the two.

Reading about the wrath of God can be uncomfortable, even for a Christian who will be saved from it.  However, my footnote made a good point: 
“But unless we face the necessity of God’s judgement we will never see our desperate need for his mercy.  A God with only a grandfatherly kindness would not inspire our repentance, obedience and worship.” 
Isn’t that the truth?!  
Those “fire and brimstone preachers (Edwards and Whitfield) of the 1700’s had it right!  That’s why their time in history was called “The Great Awakening”.  I think it’s time our culture wakes up again to the justice and mercy of God, because we are getting closer and closer to the harvest time!”


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