Revelation 10-11~What John saw.~ Day 115

I am going to reiterate that this time reading through Revelation, I am purposefully trying not to be so linear in my thinking.  I have already repeated a couple of times what my commentary said, “Events are ordered according to literary, rather than strictly chronological order.” 
So, when we read that John was told to “write what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later” (Rev. 1:19), we know that we are reading “what he has seen”.  
But those scenes could have been symbolic “recaps”, so to speak, of what has already occurred….right?!
It will be really easy to understand what I am saying after tomorrow’s reading of chapter 12.  But, it’s not as easy to spot other examples of that,…except maybe in today’s reading of chapter 11.  Let me just pose some food for thought…

Reading ahead one chapter might make this example a little easier to understand,..tomorrow we will see clear symbolism of Jesus being born to a woman (the Jewish people).  That is a scene John is seeing of something that has already occurred. So, in today’s reading, could the two witnesses, who sound so much like Elijah and Moses, actually be Elijah and Moses? 🤔
After all, Elijah did shut up the heavens so that it didn’t rain for three years (Rev. 11:6, see 1 Kings 17 for the story) and Moses did turn water into blood and strike the earth with every kind of plague (Rev. 11:6, see Exodus 7-11).

I’m just asking….thinking outside the box….😜

Chronologically speaking than, tomorrows reading would be the next huge event after those “two witnesses”…I’m just say’n…..


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