James 3-5 ~James' 10 Commandments ~ Day 101

While I was reading James 4, I thought, “Wow! , he just rattled off a lot of orders on how to be humble!”.

According to some commentaries, in verse 7-11, James rattled off 10 commands to be exact! Well, that made me go back and count them up myself…..I could only find 9!😜So, then, I had to try again!  I see 10 now (with the help of a different commentary)! Hahaha!
Here they are in case you tried to count up 10:
 1.)  Submit to God
 2.)  Resist the devil
 3.)  Come near to God
 4.)  Wash your hands
 5.)  Purify your heart
 6.)  Grieve
 7.)  Mourn 
 8.)  Weep
 9.)  Change your laughter to mourning
10.)  Humble yourself

When looking at the list, to me, it seems like they are in order of how it works to become humble.  You can not be effective at resisting the devil if you don’t first submit your life to God.  You can try to resist, on your own merit, not to do things you know are wrong…but that will fail eventually because your strength will fail.  It is on God’s strength that we are able to resist the devil.  Remember he says, “for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9)

Then as you move down the list, when you draw near to God, he starts to illuminate areas in your life that are dirty; resulting in you “washing your hands” of those particular dirty spots.  As your heart is purified, you start to grieve how the sin in your life grieves God.  Sinful things are no longer funny or entertaining…..you have a whole new sense of the holiness of God, the greatness of God and the realization of that is humbling

But it all starts with submitting to God…..

Thanks, James, for the 10 practical steps to humble ourselves before our Maker! 
Lord, may I always submit to you!


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