Hebrews 5-6 ~ Got discernment? ~ Day 96

Can you say that you are able to distinguish good from evil?  I would think most Christians would say yes.  I would think even most nonbelievers would be able to make two columns and place the overtly evil things in one column and good things in the other.  So, why would the writer of James say that it takes constant training to be able to distinguish good from evil?  

If you have been reading along with me for 96 days, you have had a good diet of “solid food”, and I trust that the Holy Spirit is maturing you in your faith.

“But solid food is for the mature who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”(5:14, NIV) 
Here is the same verse in the Berean Study Bible version:
“But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained their sensibilities to distinguish good from evil.”
They trained their sensibilities…..
So maybe a better question to ask is, are you sensitive to good and evil?

As for me, I have noticed that I am more sensitive to what is “righteous” and what is not in my life.  For example, I was at a Mumford and Sons concert the other day.  The lead singer, broke from a song and started to cuss up a storm.  The audience cheered!  Cringing, I thought, “What am I doing here?”  My husband had the same feelings so we got up and left! 
I truly don't believe that would have been my response if I was not spending so much time in God’s word.  I think I would have “tolerated it” or blown it off; enduring what I didn’t like for the part I did like.  And I certainly wouldn’t have left the concert since I had paid to be there!  
I’m just making an observation in my own life; my responses are different as I get “acquainted with the teachings about righteousness.” (5:13)

If you are on day 96, what do you think? Have you seen a difference in yourself?  Are there more clear “distinctions” in your life now verse prior to all this good food?


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