Hebrews 1-2~God will remain! ~ Day 94

How could David, the presumed writer of Psalms 102 (which is being quoted by the writer of Hebrews), look at the mountains and seas around him and think such permanent structures “will perish”?  He was ahead of his time!   He penned this over 3000 years ago, 
“In the beginning, O Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands.  They will perish, but you remain; they will wear out like a garment.” (1:10-11)
The writer was spot on accurate regarding the beginning and the end of the universe, according to current day scientists!  To me, that is more proof that Bible scriptures are God breathed!

I want to take a moment to dwell on this because when we keep the greatness of God in perspective, our own problems seem to shrink in size, wouldn’t you agree?!

If you subscribe to how most geologists think, than according to the Big Bang theory (first purposed in 1927 by a Belgian Catholic priest), “all matter and energy- everything that now constitutes the universe - was initially packed into an infinitesimally small point.  The point ‘exploded’.  During the first instant of existence, the Universe was so small, so dense, and so hot that it consisted entirely of energy.  Within a few seconds hydrogen atoms could begin to form. Within 5 minutes, “virtually all of the new atomic nuclei that would form by the Big Bang nucleosynthesis existed.”  (Essentials of Geology by Marshak)

Then things slowed down a bit.  Newly formed matter started exerting a gravitational pull, which pulled elements together, eventually forming extremely hot stars.  If you follow the lifecycle of stars, eventually, the star will become hotter and hotter.  The hotter it burns the faster it runs out of fuel and eventually dies. (That’s called a supernova).  A supernova explodes and scatters debris all over the universe.  Starting the formation process all over again.  

Eventually (in a billion years) our star will do the same.  While growing bigger and hotter, it will burn up Earth on it’s way to becoming a supernova and exploding.
So, there you have it.  The beginning and the end of our Earth, something that seems so permanent.  Yet the Psalmist knew….the heavens will perish, but God will remain!!

God was in the beginning and he will be in the end…such a good thing to remember when we approach His throne in prayer.  


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