2 & 3 John ~Stick with Truth ~ Day 109

I used to think that these letters were so short, they didn’t have much in them.  It’s like John is saying, “Hi, there! I have too much to write, so this is just a heads up that I’m coming to talk with you.”
But, that’s not entirely true. In John’s second letter he actually gives some very important instruction that still applies to us today.  2 John 6 says, “Walk in obedience to his commands.”….and how can we do that?…..By knowing the truth (2 John 1), which is the Word of God.
John is stressing the point that believers need to know truth (He uses the word 5 times in the first 4 verse!) so that they can distinguish between truth and false teaching.

Isn’t that a message for us today? You better know truth so when you hear something wrong you can tell!

For being such a short letter, John was very firm. “Do not take them into your house or welcome them.” (verse 10)  False teaching is a serious issue!  John says, “Don’t even entertain it!” 

That’s pretty serious teaching in a very short letter, don’t ya think?


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