1 John 4-5~ Who is front and center? ~ Day 108

This letter had so much good stuff in it!

I love how John takes time to establish in the minds of his readers, who Jesus is, “He is the true God and eternal life.”
It’s like John is saying, “Get that in your mind!!” 

With that firmly established, John ends his letter simply by saying “Dear children, keep yourself from idols.” 
End of letter!

So what is an idol these days?  It certainly isn’t just a stone carved into the shape of an animal.  
An idol is any loyalty that replaces God at the center of your life.
What a great way to end a letter.  
He is making his readers ask themselves; is there something that is center, front stage, of utmost importance in my life, that has me thinking about it, more than anything else?  

So the question for you and me as we end this letter is……..Is Jesus front and center, the utmost important thing in my life?

The answer should be a resolute “Yes!”  And nothing else better be creeping up on that position!  John would say very simply, “Get away from it!”


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