Day 129~ 2 Cor. 5-6~ Do we listen to Paul at all?

The unequally yoked section of the reading really made me ponder today.  I usually always put “being yoked” in the category of marriage or business partner.  However, when Paul wrote, “or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever?” (6:15), it made me think of relationships in general.  

Just as I was reading this, my high school daughter came into the kitchen, where I was, for breakfast.  I talked with her about what I had just read, about not yoking yourself with unbelievers.  In essence she has been yoked with a good friend who is an unbeliever.  I told her that farmers may put well trained ox with untrained ox so that the stronger leads the weaker.  I cautioned her to evaluate who was doing the leading in this unequally yoked friendship.  

If Paul had been in the kitchen with us, I can imagine him shooting daggers with his eye at me! “That is not what I wrote in my letter! Didn’t you see that I quoted God when he said, ‘Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them.’ ?”

It seems in today’s culture we ignore a lot of what Paul teaches! (Except the Amish, they implement what he says to the letter!)  Paul uses 6 verses to tell us how to avoid defilement (7:1), yet I recently heard a pastor on the radio teach not to stay in our “holy huddle”.  He made it sound wrong that we spend much of our time with Christians.  He used the example that Jesus was “friends” with sinners, just as we should be.  He was in the radio, so I couldn't say anything back to him, like, yes, he was friends with them but he “yoked” himself to 12 who’s mindset was waiting for the Messiah.  Notice he did not ‘yoke’ himself to his half-brothers who didn’t believe he was the Messiah.

Anyway…..those verses just got me pondering…….what do you think?


I think we should do as Jesus did. Get our strength from fellow Christians & be the strength and example for unbelievers. Just show love to all:)

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