Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Day 112~ Romans 6~ Litmus test

This chapter is very matter-of-fact!  I think it can stumble some ‘Christians’ who say, “I still sin.  I’m not perfect.  The only difference between me and a non Christian is that I’m forgiven.”
Paul would look at that person and say, “What are you talking about?! “  “Were you baptized into Christ’s death and raised into new life?  How can you die to sin and still live in it?” (vs 2-3)

This chapter is a good litmus test to check the sincerity of your faith, don’t you think?  A good question to ask yourself is, “To whom am I obedient?”  (vs.16)🤔


Scott Hadley said...

I try to be obedient to God, but at times I am will fully obedient to sin.

Walking with The Way said...

Well, another question for you than is, what do you set your mind on? (8:8). Two choices; your flesh or the Spirit.

Thankful, when it is set on the Spirit, we can rest knowing, “there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (8:1)