Day 86~ Acts 3 & 4

I had a thought when I was reading about the lame beggar that was healed in chapter 3. Why didn’t Jesus heal him during his three year ministry on earth?  After all, 3:2 says “..a man lame from birth (now 40 years old) was being carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple.”  
Jesus had just recently died and rose again, so I am sure that this guy had been on the temple steps on one or all of the many visits Jesus made to the temple.  

Interesting thought….don’t ya think?

It could be that Jesus saw him early on….maybe even at his visit to the temple when he was 12 years old.  The lame man would have been 19 years old then.
Maybe on a visit during his ministry years, Jesus saw the lame man but knew the man’s heart wasn’t ready yet.  Perhaps the lame man saw the crowd that always surrounded Jesus, but he himself didn’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah so he wouldn’t have followed Jesus even if he could walk.  
Or, what if Jesus knew he was going to heal him, but at a specific time for a specific purpose.  Yes, Jesus could have healed him in person, years before, but He chose to wait and do it through those with faith in his name (3:16).  
Ultimately, the healing accomplished the same thing all His healings accomplished during His ministry.  It brought glory to Him and proof of who He was/is. 
“..a notable sign has been performed through them is evident to all…” (vs 16)

This story can be used as an example for us in our lives.  We may have an issue that we have been dealing with for a long time, maybe 40 years!  We may want healing right away, but it doesn’t come.  We need to remember that Jesus has his perfect timing.  We may not understand the timing, but we can rest knowing that when he does heal, it will be for His glory and “evident to all”.


Rapster J said…
Good illustration for us. I love that he was leaping and jumping and hanging on the disciples- I imagine he joined the group and was an amazing witness!
Yes, a lot of joy comes with a transformed life. I wish all people could realize that!

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