Day 82~ John 19

I had two thoughts reading this chapter. 

One, it’s a difficult chapter to read!  It starts with Jesus getting flogged, I can only imagine the pain Jesus must have been feeling when Pilate asked him, “Where are you from?” (vs. 9).  No wonder Jesus didn’t answer!  Yet he did manage to clarify to Pilate that he had no authority over Jesus.  Jesus willingly went through all that.  😩 (Thank you , Jesus!)

Second, as I was finishing the chapter, I was found myself admiring Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus.  Here these guys were “secret disciples”, but when the rubber met the road, so to speak, they gave up being in hiding and did a very public thing!  Those closest to Jesus all scattered, but these two took the body, prepared it and put it in the best tomb around; unused, in a garden, prepared for a rich family!  What a display of loyalty.  They may have been very confused, but that didn’t stop them from doing a very nobel thing for the man they secretly were very loyal to. 

I pray that when ‘the rubber mets the road’ in my lifetime, I will naturally do the nobel thing and openly show the loyalty to Jesus that I have.


Scott said…
I too hope that if I am faced with denying Christ or proclaiming Christ, I would always proclaim my allegiance to him.

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