Day 74~ John 11

Did you notice that only the gospel of John tells the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead?  That is quite a remarkable miracle for only one gospel writer to mention….🤔  And, in my opinion, how John tells the story is a little odd.  However, maybe not…..

Notice how John’s focal point when telling the story of Lazarus is all about Jesus.  John gets so detailed we even get to see the emotional reaction of Jesus when he sees his friends grieving.  Yet, when any other author would have shifted to the excitement of the crowd and their awestruck reactions when Lazarus walked out of the tomb, John stays oddly silent about those details.  In fact, John immediately shifts back to how their reactions will affect the future of Jesus.

Like yesterday’s reading, when we saw how the Jewish leaders focused more on when Jesus did his healing of the blind man, today they are focused on his growing popularity rather than the miracle of someone coming back to life!  Boy, do they have their priorities mixed up!

I’m glad John stuck to the main theme of the story.  It helps me keep my focus on Jesus as well!  

Lord, please help me to keep my priorities straight and remember “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!”


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