Day 70~ John 6

“Everyone who has heard and learned form the Father comes to me.” (vs 45)…..So, what do we hear and learn from the Father? And why would that point us to Jesus?  

Well, when I read the Old Testament I am struck with how God wants his people to be holy.  All the Levitical law was set up to keep the “chosen one’s”, the Jewish race, pure and “set apart” from the surrounding nations.  If they obeyed, his favor would be on them, if they didn’t, he would remove his favor.  Well, as anyone can read in the Old Testament, they couldn’t do it.  They couldn’t keep themselves pure.  Because of what happened in the garden, they weren’t capable of being holy.  They were true decedents of Adam and Eve, one’s to think, “I know better than God..…I think I will just go ahead and do what he told me not to do.”  
They, and we, need God given help to be holy.

I like how Adam and Eve responded when they sinned.  They hid in shame (Gen. 3:8).  At least they knew they did wrong! Today, we have come so far in our sin, we don’t even recognize it for what it is.

Have you ever noticed that God approached Adam and Eve in the same way he approaches us today? He seeks us out, points out our sin and gives us a free gift to deal with that sin. 
I love the line in Genesis, “But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” (Gen 3:9)
He was drawing them out of hiding. God drew Adam and Eve out, to confront their sin and deal with it.…He still does that. 
Look at the verse we read today, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.”  (Jn. 5:44)  

So, what do we learn from the Father?…that he wants us to be holy, yet he points out, using his law (Rom 7:7), that we are full of sin and need help.  
So the next question is, why would everyone who has heard and learned from God go to Jesus?  
Well, we know that answer to that, don’t we?!  Jesus is our help; our salvation (Jn 5:47).

I like what Matthew Henry said in his commentary.  

“The discovery of their guilt, danger and remedy, by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, makes men willing and glad to come, and to give up every thing which hinders applying to him for salvation.”


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