Day 64~ Luke 24

This last chapter really needs to be read in the context of the other gospel accounts.  Although Luke has been detailed in his whole account, he is quite abbreviated here in the last chapter.  
If we just read Luke’s account we would be left thinking that the two on the road to Emma's went back to Jerusalem the evening that Jesus rose from the dead  (which they did- 24:33), then he appeared to them all (vs 36) and led them out to Bethany (vs 51), all on the same evening! 
Maybe Luke was abbreviated in his conclusion because he was getting ready to start writing Acts.  There, in the first chapter, he writes that Jesus appeared “to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of God.” (Acts 1:3)

With that sentence in Acts, we see that Luke knew a lot happened between Jesus breaking the bread (Luke 24:35) and “as they were talking about these things (vs 36).  We learn in other accounts that the disciples had left Jerusalem and went back to their work up in the Sea of Galilee, aka Tiberius (Matt. 28:16 & John 21:1).

I found a time line that can be helpful to see how different accounts don’t contradict each other. The different accounts just demonstrate points of view that each writer felt were important to include.


Rapster J said…
That is very helpful. So thankful for people who put together those types of things!

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