Day 61~ Luke 21

 I had to smile when I read how the disciples were commenting on the beauty of the temple and Jesus uses that as the launching point to talk about end times. I wonder if Judas rolled his eyes thinking, “There he goes again on one of his tangents.”
I’m just speaking from experience. My kids may make a simple comment and it can trigger me into a long dissertation that they didn’t really care to hear. I will catch them looking at each other, like, “Why did you ask that?!”
Well, in this case, some of the disciples did have a sincere interest because they asked, “Teacher, when will these things be...?” (21:5) Interestingly, Jesus didn’t give a specific time. Therefore, we are still asking the same question today, when? If you noticed, Jesus answered with a ‘how’, which still applies to us today!
1.) “See to it that you are not led astray.” (21:8)
2.) “You will be hated by all for my name sake.” (21:17)
3.) “Watch yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with...the cares of this life..” (21:34)
4.) Pray for strength (21:36)
Jesus was so smart not to give a specific day! If we knew the specific day, we wouldn’t obey until the last minute. Kind’a like when a parent counts to 10 to get a child to obey. Have you ever watched a parent do that? The child will not jump up and obey until the parent gets to ‘9’. We probably wouldn’t do 1-4 until the day before the date (if Jesus gave a date). Instead, we live 1-4 knowing and preparing for the last day as if it where tomorrow! Wasn’t that clever of Jesus!?!


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