Welcome to Day 1~ Matt 1& 2

Welcome to 2018 and the 180 day reading plan!! 🎉 I hope more of you will be able to keep your New Year’s resolution at this pace of reading!  I will be reading from the English Standard Version this time through.  I have found that when I change versions, new verses pop out to me.  I’m excited to see what God draws to my attention this time!

Here is a quick overview of the book we are about to start:  First, it was written by Mr. Matthew Levi.  We know that Matt was a tax collector (9:9), so it’s not surprising that he would be educated and trained enough to be able to write this account. 

Here is something interesting that I have never heard before!  Matt has 5 “passages of discourse” that can be corresponded to the five fingers on a hand to easily remember  the points.  Each discourse, in essence, has Jesus answering a question: 

 Each of these units end with “when Jesus had finished [these sayings]” 
(7:28, 11:11, 13:53, 19:1 26:1).  That’s pretty cool, don’t ya think?
So, now let’s begin!  What stood out to you in today’s reading?  I would love it if you shared your thoughts with me!  You may need to create a Google account in order to do  so, but they make it pretty easy so I hope that doesn’t stop you from commenting!
Here’s something that stood out to me from the reading.  Matt points out in 1:1 that the Jewish people had returned from deportation to Babylon (that was almost 600 years before Christ).  I would imagine, since the Jews did not have their temple in Babylon, they focused a whole lot more on their ancient writings (done mostly by Moses).  These deported Jews no doubt shared their monotheistic ideas and writings with the Babylonians.  I bet Numbers 24:17, was read once or twice if not more since it would have given these captives such hope!  “A star shall come out of Jacob, and a scepter shall rise out of Israel.”
So, now fast forward 600 years later, some men in the east (Babylon is east of Israel), who were educated in astronomy and ancient writings (like those of Moses), put two and two together.  They were so convinced that the star they were observing was the one written about 600 years earlier, they set out on an 800 mile journey (if they came from Babylon).  It’s estimated that it would have taken 40 days to get to Jerusalem if they traveled about 20 miles a day.  

“Where is he who has been born King of the Jews?  For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” (Matt. 2:2)
I want to be as committed to what I have read and seen regarding Jesus as these men were!


Keri Sukut said…
I love how God gave the Magi the wisdom to know and to show us the proper response when we encounter Jesus. They bowed - acknowledging that Jesus is their King, they worshiped - acknowledging that Jesus is God, and they gave sacrificially - acknowledging Jesus is their Lord. Praying that in 2018 this will be my response as I encounter Jesus daily!
Unknown said…
Love starting out the year with this!
Love having you read with me!!!
Lori said…
I think I will switch to the English Standard version also!

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